Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC was started by Retha Wells in 2007. About that time, Ms. Wells had obtained transferable skills from the following industries: Healthcare, Mortgage & Real Estate, Insurance, Retail, Automotive, Fuel & Gas, and Adult care, Security, Cemetery and Housing; however her love was nursing. Ms. Wells also served as Alt District Steward for Afscme Local 1583.

After serving as a home caregiver, and listening to the families, Ms. Wells saw the need to help those individuals who didn’t want to put their loved ones in nursing homes or extended care facilities; those who wanted their loved ones stay at home, but were unable to financially maintain the household from another state.

Having workable knowledge, Ms. Wells started a sole proprietorship, Wells Asset Solutions. While serving a dual-role and attending college, Ms. Wells felt it needful to widen client/customer base, having a new understanding of the growing need for experienced and reliable accounting professionals who were willing to work on an as needed basis.

In 2014 Wells Asset Solutions was reintroduced as Wells Bookkeeping & Tax and became a Limited Liability Company providing a wide-ranging, full-charge with experience in all the areas you’d expect of long established bookkeeping services.


What We Do