In today’s concept of globalization and technology, the process of doing business has been redefined. The phases involved in the fundamentals of bookkeeping can be both overwhelming, and time-consuming.

Delegating accounting, payroll, and tax needs to Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC allows one to speed-up business processes, and concentrate on revenue-generating operations.


Accountants structure the tasks for bookkeepers and prepare financial statements and tax reports. Likewise, accountants prescribe record-keeping software such as Quick Books, Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics. Accountants analyze data, creates master budgets and review cost analysis. Because of the advancements of technology, businesses now outsource parts of their accounting process to include the routine tasks of bookkeeping

What’s the Difference?


Bookkeeping is an essential piece of accounting as it is the process of recording financial transactions. Bookkeepers work under accountants like nurses work under doctors.   Whilst a pen and ledger used to be enough to balance your family or business books; with today’s technological advancements we are now able to perform all of your bookkeeping requirements without even being in the same place as your business.


Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC provides a wide-range, full-charge with experience in all the areas of what you’d expect of a long-established bookkeeping service. 

We manage financial records for Entrepreneurs, whether a Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability, Partnership or S Corporation.  Of course we help with taxation, anywhere from monthly filings, to income tax preparation.

As part of your team, we will gain an in-depth knowledge of your needs to provide you with the most effective service to help you accomplish your goals; IF your books are in disarray you it will be difficult to determine if you are making profit or loosing income.


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The Process

Accounting and Tax practices are a serious matter and decisions to hire professionals internally or externally should not be taken lightly. For that cause, WB&T  has a process for getting services started.

Our process is simple & gives you the opportunity to learn our methods and understand your needs.

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Create an Account

All Clients will need to register for an account.

This step initiates a verbal contract between WB&T and YOU.

No worries, you are not locked in! However, this gives us rights to

acquire data to continue.

Web Scheduler

To Schedule your Appt with WB&T:

  1. On the tool bar Click “Events” and “Add New Event” from Drop down
  2. Complete the Web form – don’t forget the time (at the bottom).
  3. Tab to Participants and select team member


  1. Non-registered individuals, put your email address in External Participants Field
  2. Tab to repeat and reminders as desired!
  3. Refresh page as needed

You are all set!

Check your email for confirmation!


The Policies

It is vitally essential for businesses to develop policy. A business without policy is one without control.

If there are no formal, documented policies, then business personnel, at any level would have no guidance on how to make decisions; leaving personnel to treat customers and conduct business transactions as they see fit.

Likewise, a policy helps guide performance and duties and sets an expectation on how a business is to carry out its mission and vision statements.


Check out our policies below:

 E-Invoice Policy       Cancel Service Policy        Account Change Policy   


 Privacy Policy       Late Fee Policy        Scheduling Policy        No Cash’ 

Where’s My Refund?

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We haven’t filed your taxes yet? No worries, let’s get started!

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