What We Do

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC provides a wide-range, full-charge with experience in all the areas of what you’d expect of a long-established bookkeeping service. 

We manage financial records for Entrepreneurs, whether a Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability, Partnership or S Corporation. Of course we help with taxation, anywhere from monthly filings, to income tax preparation.

As part of your team, we will gain an in-depth knowledge of your needs to provide you with the most effective service to help you accomplish your goals; IF your books are in disarray you it will be difficult to determine if you are making profit or loosing income.





Who We Are

In today’s concept of globalization and technology, the process of doing business has been redefined.

The phases involved in the fundamentals of bookkeeping can be both overwhelming, and time-consuming.

Delegating bookkeeping, payroll, and tax tasks to Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC allows one to speed-up business process, and concentrate on revenue-generating operations. 

WB&T can assist you with your most basic or complicated of bookkeeping needs our team of experienced bookkeepers possess the knowledge and experience but not the relatively high hourly rate of an accountant.

Let Us Cross Bookkeeping Off Your To-Do List!

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How We Do It

Accounting and Tax practices are a serious matter and decisions to hire professionals internally or externally should not be taken lightly. For that cause, WB&T LLC has a process for getting services started.

Our process is simple & gives you the opportunity to learn our methods and understand your needs.

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All Clients will need to register for an account. This step initiates a verbal agreement between WB&T and YOU.

No worries, you are not locked in! However, this gives us rights to acquire data to continue.


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Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC
PO. BOX 51774
Livonia, MI 48151
Ph: (734) 288-8461 | E-mail: bookkeeping@wellsbnt.com


Help us get a heads up, select a topic
We need at least 30 minutes of your time


To manage your appointments: 

  1. From the Events tab on the toolbar Select New Events from the dropdown menu
  2. In the Details tab, complete all the fields
  3. At bottom of form, under the “Date” label, don’t forget to choose your time from the dropdown
  4. Tab to Participants and select the team you need to see or assign work to.


DO NOT choose PUBLIC ACCESS, this will expose your date to the WORLD WIDE WEB!
You are all set, We will see you soon!

Make a Payment

We Speak your financial language!

We are pleased to offer the availability of paying your fees by credit card, check, money order or bank transfer. In order to do this, we have joined the PayPal network, in addition to Venmo and Google Wallet. These services offer you the ability to pay your fee using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, through secure web-based systems.

They also have mobile applications so that you can pay any bill, to anyone, anywhere! WB&T also offers payment by ACH. Download, complete and upload signed document to the exchange or client portal.

If you would rather mail your payment, go ahead and mail check, or money order to:

Wells Bookkeeping & Tax, LLC
Accounts Receivable Dept.
Office Box 051774 Livonia, MI 48151
Please put your account No. on all payments!





The internet is a helpful and convenient for retrieving information and staying connected. This page is full of resources available for your quick review.
This is NOT an endorsement page. This page is for informational purposes only!

Securely Send Us a File

Use our convenient share file page to securely deliver a file directly to a member of our team. The selected firm member will be notified once your file upload is complete.

Alternatively, you may also login to our Exchange Portal to send us a file. If you do not currently have a Portal Account, you may register for one here.

As a valued client, you get a secure, password-protected portal to store and access your account information from anywhere at any time. Whether you’re at work, at home, or on vacation, you always have access to your account powered by Nextcloud.

go ahead and download the Nextcloud client on Google Play also download the Talk feature to video conference your team from the client.

This portal also allows us to work together efficiently by securely exchanging information about your account.

To start using the client portal please log in. non-clients can use My Cloud by WB&T

To send a file without creating an account use the Exchange Portal













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